Construction Consulting

We work closely with the Owner and Architect to provide input any of the services and topics listed below.

Site Evaluation

  • Drainage, Grading and Engineering
  • Set-backs, F.A.R. and Zoning
  • Use and Design

Permitting and Code Compliance

  • Plan and Field Review for Code Compliance
  • Municipal Inspections
  • Vendors’ Licenses
  • Utility Disconnects and Connections

Budgets and Estimates

  • Cost Estimating to Achieve Budget Goal
  • Spec Development to Achieve Budget Goal
  • Value Engineering
  • Provide On-going Estimates to Achieve Budget Goals

Contractor Pay Request Review

  • Lien Waivers – Material, GC and Subcontractor
  • Budget and Contractor’s Sworn Statement
    • Reconcile Budget with Pay Request Line Items
    • Reconcile Actual Costs and Pay Request Line Items
  • Title Insurance Issues and Compliance, Processing and Review


  • Schedule Development
  • Schedule Monitoring and Review
  • Time Impact Analysis

Project Management

  • Consulting Owner, Architect or GC
  • Develop and Maintain Responsibility Matrix
  • Project Closeout Management
    • Punch List
    • Pay-outs and Waivers
    • Warranty Issues
    • Environmental Protection & Remediation

Claim Review and Dispute Resolution

Design & Build

  • Conceptual and Schematic Design
  • Working with Architect
  • Procurement
  • Project Management